Ocean Debris

Plastic Ingestion by Storm-Petrels

Here is a study of Leach’s Storm-petrels and how much plastic is ingested by the bird. The study was conducted in…



Recycling Must Become A Habit

Recycling Must Become A Habit

Recycle. Plastic. Ocean Debris. Columbus, GA, Jan. 19, 2015 (PolyLaws.org) – These words, Recycle, Plastic, Ocean Debris, are some of the most popular words in our society today.…

Recycling is Key

Recycling is Key

If all plastic carryout bags were recycled, we wouldn’t need to ban plastic bags. The EPA says that only about 12% of plastic bags are recycled in America.…

Recycling as Convenient as Plastic

Recycling as Convenient as Plastic

Most disposable plastic can be recycled. Few Americans recycle because it is inconvenient. I fully believe that people would put recyclables into recycle bins if there was a…


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England Sets 5p Fee For Plastic Bags

Breckenridge Passes Disposable Bag Fee

Northern Ireland Imposes Levy on Single Use Bags

Dry Cleaning Bags


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