‘100% Cotton’ Sometimes May Not Be True

‘100% Cotton’ Sometimes May Not Be True

Cotton BollWe’ve all read and heard how plastic bags are killing our oceans’ marine life.  However, it seems that plastic bags are the culprits in other facets of the environment.  Plastic bags are also responsible for other hardships.

Plastic bags are blamed for causing flooding in Malaysia and Bangladesh.  Plastic bags are clogging the flood drains.  When heavy rains occur, the water can’t get through the drainage system, thereby causing flooding.

Now, another issue with plastic bags has come to light.  Plastic bags are blamed for cotton farmers losing money.  It seems that the plastic bags are getting into the cotton fields and then into the cotton picking machinery.  Plastic bags can damage the machinery.  If the bags get through the machinery, the plastic bags are processed with the cotton.  During the processing stage, the bags melt and are then mixed with the cotton fibers.  In some cases, the plastic has made it all the way into finished apparel.

The plastic bag contamination has caused some textile mills to refuse to buy cotton from certain regions of the country.  This causes farmers to lose out on a crop they have worked on for months, creating economic hardships for farmers.


Cover photo: Cotton Field near Bonaire, GA. Image and Design Copyright © 2013 Ted Duboise.  All Rights Reserved.


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