AB 1998 Update

Many of you have written to me asking the status of California's Plastic Bag Ban Bill, AB1998.  So here is the latest.

The bill is being tossed around in committees and subcommittees but, so far, has passed each one.  Currently, AB1998 is in the Senate.  Through Thursday, the bill was in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  The Appropriations Committee voted 11 to 0 to send the bill to the Rules Committee.  The Rules Committee meets Wednesday but the bill is not on the agenda for that meeting.

AB 1998 has been gaining momentum.  Several retailers and organizations have voiced their support of the bill.  The California Grocers Association, representing over 500 members, supports the bill along with the United Food and Commercial Workers union.  Of course numerous environmental groups vigorously support the bill.

AB 1998, a bill to ban single-use plastic bags in retail outlets, was authored and introduced by California Assemblywoman Julia Brown.  Here is a video update released last week by her office.

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