AB 1998, California’s Plastic Bag Ban Bill Passes Committee

On Friday, May 28th, the California State Assembly Committee on Appropriations passed Assembly Bill 1998 (AB 1998). This bill, AB 1998, is known as the Plastic Bag Ban Bill. With the holiday weekend, the full Assembly has adjourned until June 1st and will vote on AB 1998 on June 4th.

If AB 1998 (Plastic Bag Ban Bill) passes in the full Assembly, California will become the first state in the U.S. to ban plastic bags statewide. Although the state currently has no ban on single-use plastic bags, several cities within the state have passed their own ban including San Jose. Many other California cities are planning a ban including St. Helena, Santa Barbara, and Berkley. Most of the city ordinances state that if a statewide ban is passed, it would supersede the local law.

The Assembly Committee on Appropriations published an analysis of AB 1998 which explores the fiscal effects to California if AB 1998 passes. The analysis also summarizes who supports the bill, who opposes it, and previous attempts at plastic bag ban legislation in the State of California.

4 Responses to "AB 1998, California’s Plastic Bag Ban Bill Passes Committee"

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  2. Midwest Watchdog   2010/09/15 at 11:49 pm

    Disposable bags are most all made in the USA (paper and plastic).
    Reusable bags are most all made in China.
    Environmentalists are eliminating yet one more American industry.
    I say go back to paper bags there was nothing wrong with those and contrary to environmental brain washing trees do grow back and are farmed.
    Funny thing is we were using recycled paper bags when the tree huggers forced poly bags down our throats to save trees.

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  4. D Wilson   2010/08/19 at 6:29 pm

    Have you considered how filthy and disgusting the reusable bags become after a short period of use? all you have to do is ask the cashiers of places that already encourage reusable bags about the dirt, pet hair, and general grunge, both inside and out of the bags already showing up……I can’t wait to put my groceries and table items on those converer belts and bagging areas……..YUUUUUUK

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