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Welcome to Plastic Bag Ban Report!

My name is Ted Duboise and I am the publisher.  I reference the site as PBBR.

Who Am I?

I am a businessman residing in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA area.  As a businessman for over 40 years, I have always tried to make a difference in people's lives and careers.  In 2008, I felt a need to try to do more.  I became interested in the environment, especially as it relates to human health.  Not knowing anything about computers, I decided to learn how to build websites.  Through these websites, I could reach more people and hopefully make a difference on a broader scale.

Yes, I do use reusable bags.  I call them 'recurrent bags' because they recur in so many ways and so many times.  I had 100% jute bags printed with my own design.  I give these away to individuals and organizations such as the local Food Banks and local churches who have food drives for less fortunate people.  They are also excellent for expos, conferences, home shows, etc.  They recur often!

Why Plastic Bag Ban Report?

After seeing numerous headlines about plastic bag bans around the globe, I realized that all the headlines were from different news sources.  I felt there was a need for a place to list information about plastic bag bans - all in one place - no matter where the ban was at.

All-In-One Reference Site

I established several criteria that the site must meet:

  • Comprehensive, i.e., list bans from all over the world
  • Reference:  publish the actual legislation or ordinance when possible
  • Acurate:  if I can't verify the information, I won't publish it
  • Fair, i.e., publish both sides of the argument

The CRAF Method is applied to every article. PBBR publishes only factual information that is verified to be accurate at the time of publication.

Andrew Dobbs, Program Director for the Texas Campaign for the Environment said it best, "Readers should have coherent, honest information on this issue, not illogical scare pieces filled with misinformation." That is my bond to you - to publish only honest information.

While not trying to be all things to all people, Plastic Bag Ban Report is intended to be a resource for:

  • Consumers who are interested in preserving our world or protecting their health
  • States, cities, and other governing organizations who are considering legislation and need to reference what others have already done
  • Travelers who need to know local customs in other parts of the world
  • Advocates who want a knowledge base of actions taken by others
  • Why there is a need for a plastic bag ban

What You'll Not Find On PBBR

One of my criteria for the site, not listed above, was that I wouldn't publish gory photos or scare tactics.  I don't use them because there is enough of that already on other sites and it is easy to find.  In some of the articles, you'll find reference to sites that have already proven the need for plastic bag bans.  They have the photos that they have made with their cameras.  If I happen to be able to photograph an animal in distress because of a plastic bag, then I will publish that photo.  I can validate a photo that I make.

Plastic Bag Ban Report

Plastic bag pollution has become a hot topic.  We've all heard about how plastic bags pollute oceans, rivers, and eventually our food supply.  Yes, even the food we eat. There are reported facts about how bad that plastic bags are for the environment and the ocean.  Is there scientific evidence to prove these facts?  There are reports that say the facts are wrong.  The reports, counter-reports and arguments are published here.

There seems to be a plastic bag ban frenzy.  Countries, states, cities and counties are writing legislation and passing ordinances to eliminate plastic bags or decrease their use.  The Plastic Bag Ban Report (PBBR) brings all the screaming frenzy together in one place.

PBBR reports the latest on:

PBBR also brings you other information related to plastic bags, such as:

  • Reducing Plastic Bags
  • Recycling Plastic Bags
  • ReUsing Plastic Bags
  • Alternatives to Plastic Bags

The Plastic Bag Ban Report is interested in your ideas, suggestions and comments.  Use this form to contact PBBR: