Plastic Bag Ban Report has grown exponentially the past year. With the growth has come the absolute best readers, visitors and subscribers that one could ask for! Thank you for your support!

As a result of the growth, I have created a new division of the site: Partner Services. Partner Services is designed to establish a connection with other like-minded plastic bag ban supporters.

Along with this new division, I would like to welcome a new staff member to PBBR.  Christy Steedley joins Plastic Bag Ban Report as the new Director of Partner Services.  Christy will also help with the massive amount of research that occurs to verify and validate statistics and other references used to get the reports published.

Here is the current services offered. Other services will be added as they are developed.


For the past five years, we have tracked plastic bag bans, results of bag bans, and numerous studies about the pros and cons of plastic bag bans. We have published data that is accurate and timely. We have also written a book on how to start a plastic bag ban in your area. And, we have supplied advice, data and resources to some of the cities around the country who have passed plastic bag bans.

If you need help with planning a plastic bag ban or statistics and data, contact Ted.

Plastic Bag Ban Report now accepts advertising to get your message to a global environmental audience. Christy will help you determine what best fits your business for your product, service or public relations.  Learn more at PBBR Partner Services.

Weekly Syndicated Report
Numerous times, other site owners have asked to share or repost content from Plastic Bag Ban Report. I have given this great thought and have decided to make this possible.

PBBR Partner Services will provide a weekly syndicated wrap-up of the news and events occurring in the plastic bag world. The weekly wrap-up will only be shared with a select audience.

If you own an eco-website or publish an eco-oriented blog and would like to receive this syndicated post, then Let's Talk. You may post or republish the story on your site. You may use the form here to let me know of your interest.

Partner Services

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Look for other exciting services to be introduced soon.!

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