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Plastic Bag Ban Report welcomes other writers who would like to write an article and have it published on PBBR.

I am always interested in other people's work.

I am particularly interested in articles about the environment, the ocean and our lives as they are affected by the use of plastic bags, paper bags, plastic packaging, plastic bottles, and biobased plastic.

We as a throw-away society are just beginning to realize that our 'habit of convenience' has negatively affected our planet, from marine life, seabirds, land animals - and even human health.

Topics of interest include:

  • Single-Use Bags (plastic or paper)
  • Reusable Bags
  • Alternatives to single-use bags
  • The harm that single-use bags do to the environment
  • Ocean Debris
  • Plastic Debris
  • Plastic-Bottled Water
  • Polystyrene Bans or Debris
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Biobased Plastics

Guest Post Guidelines

If you would like to write an article as a Guest post and have it published on PBBR, here are guidelines that I request be followed:

>  Article must be original content written by you, not copied from another site;
>  Article must not be just an advertisement for another site, product or service;
>  If the article quotes studies, research, specific individuals, organizations or other sites, a reference source must be denoted at end of article to validate the information quoted;
>  Hypertext links within the article are OK but subject to my approval;
>  Article must not infringe on any other copyrighted work, material or information;
>  Placement location of the article will be by subject/topic/category;

Photos may be submitted and will be used by permission from the author.  The author will be credited.

Guest Post Format

1.  Format that will be followed is: Title, statement that this is a Guest post, Body of article, “About the Author” section at the bottom of the article. “About the Author” will tell your name, your title (if appropriate), and a link to your site.  An image or photo may accompany your article and will be included at my discretion.
2.  You must understand and you will agree that any material, articles, images, photos or content submitted and published becomes the sole property of PlasticBagBanReport.com and/or its owner(s) and you grant this website owner(s) a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive and irrevocable world-wide right and license to use the comment(s) in any form, manner or medium available that we choose without further notice, attribution, or payment to you.

You also agree that you have read, understand and abide by our Terms of Service.


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