Thank you for considering advertising on Plastic Bag Ban Report.

Ad rates are as quoted - No agency discount. If you are an agency, please contact Ted direct at 770.856.1114.

Rates are based on a six-month term. A 10% discount will be applied for a one year term. Rates are for advertiser-supplied creative. If you need creative, there will be a minimum $55 charge. All ads are hyper-linked to your site. Location on your site is determined by you.

Payment must be received before ads will be displayed. Payment is accepted by bank transfer or PayPal. We use PayPal because they are the most trusted payment gateway on the web. Through PayPal, we are able to invoice you and payment is remitted through the invoice. You do not need a PayPal account. Major credit cards are accepted.

If you determine that the ads are not paying off for you, you may cancel at any time simply by not paying the next invoice. No money will be refunded. We send the invoice on the first day of each month and allow a three-day grace period. If the invoice is not paid by the 3rd of each month, the ad will be pulled on the 4th.

Advertising Rates and Ad Sizes
The above ad at top of this page is 468x60 px. Leaderboard. Visible Site-Wide. 6-mo. rate = $90 per month; 12 mo. rate = $80 per month.

There is also an ad not shown that is 728 x 60 across the top of site, visible site-wide: 6 mo. = $125 per month; 12 mo. = $110 per mo.

Also consider an advertorial and reach a massive audience. Plastic Bag Ban Report's Site Feed was viewed by an average of 23,272 readers monthly for the three months just ended of Aug., Sept., Oct., 2013.

300 x 250 px. Sidebar. Front Page or Inside Sidebar, below the fold: 6-mo. rate = $112 per mo. Sitewide = $125 per mo.
300x60 px. Front Sidebar. 6-mo. rate = $27 per month; Sidebar Sitewide. 6-mo. rate = $33 per month.


300x125 px. Front Page or Inside Sidebar, Below the Fold: 6-mo. rate = $57 per mo.; Sitewide = $74 per mo.
125x125 px. Front Page Center, Below the fold: 6-mo. rate = $26 per mo.; 12-mo. rate = $24 mo.
120x600 px. Front Page Center. 6-mo. rate = $108 per month; 12-mo. rate = $95 per mo.
468x60 px. Editorial Post. Every Post Sitewide. Bottom of post: 6-mo. rate = $42 per mo.; Top of post: 6-mo. rate = $56 per mo.; 12 mo = $51 mo
240x180 px. Front Page Column Bottom. 6-mo. rate = $45 per mo.; 12 mo = $42 mo.
125x125 px. Front Page Center, Below the fold: 6-mo. rate = $26 per mo.; 12-mo. rate = $24 mo



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