April Sees 16 Plastic Bag Bans Take Effect

April Sees 16 Plastic Bag Bans Take Effect

March 12, 2013, Plastic Bag Ban Report - The month of April should be named "Environment Month".  Along with Earth Day on April 22nd, 16 plastic bag bans take effect this month in the U.S. and one in Northern Ireland and Pakistan.

Northern Ireland will levy a five pence charge on carrier bags beginning April 8th. The Carrier Bag Levy applies to all single-use bags, regardless of the material that the bag is made of. The levy applies to all retailers, including online merchants.

U.S. Plastic Bag Bans
April 1st
Plastic bag ban ordinances going into effect in April begin with the city of Dana Point. Plastic bag ban affects all retailers within city limits. Effective in larger stores April 1st and all other stores October 1st, 2013.(1)

April 10th
Capitola, CA. The Capitola City Council approved the plastic bag ban ordinance with a unanimous vote on January 10, 2013. The Council also mandated a 25 cents fee on paper checkout bags instead of the usual 10 cents fee that most ordinances require.(2)

City of Santa Cruz, CA. Under the ban, retailers, including grocery stores, will not be able to sell or provide plastic bags, but restaurants are exempt. The ordinance also requires retailers to charge customers a 10-cent fee for all paper carry-out bags, which must be recyclable.(3)

April 13th
Carpenteria, CA. Ordinance goes into effect for small commercial establishments. The ordinance went into effect on July 11, 2012 for retailers, restaurants, and large commercial establishments.(2)

Earth Day, April 22nd
Earth Day 2013 will see the most plastic bag ordinances taking effect.
San Mateo County, CA. Adopted Reusable Bag Ordinance by unanimous vote on Oct. 23rd, 2012. Retailers may provide only recycled paper bags or reusable bags at a fee of 10 cents per bag until Dec. 31, 2014. After that, retailers must charge 25 cents per bag.
Menlo Park, CA. Adopted San Mateo County's Reusable Bag Ordinance.

The following ordinances, all California cities and counties, will take effect April 22nd and are published courtesy of cawrecycles.org. You can find the most comprehensive list of California cities and counties with plastic bag ordinances at cawrecycles.org.

Belmont; Colma; Daly City; Foster City; Half Moon Bay; Mountain View; Pacifica; Portola Valley; San Bruno; South San Francisco;

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  1. Shehrebano   2013/03/14 at 5:50 am

    Please include Islamabad Pakistan in your list of countries that will ban plastic in the month of April.

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