Banning Plastic Bags Becomes Study Issue For Sunnyvale, CA

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The subject of banning single-use plastic grocery carry-out bags has become a prioritized study issue for the Sunnyvale City Council. A study issue is described as a topic of concern and the process has been utilized by the City for over 30 years. The study issue process may result in a new or revised City policy or no action at all.

Two community meetings were held on October 21st to allow citizens to give feedback about the possibility of a plastic bag ban in Sunnyvale. The meetings were also designed to give citizens information and answer any questions concerning the ban. A meeting was held in the morning and another in the evening to allow greater participation.

A report will be generated by City staff containing feedback received at the meetings. As part of the study issue process, the report will be presented to City Council. According to the City Council Agenda, the study issue is scheduled to be considered at City Council's regular meeting on November 16.

For more information, visit the City of Sunnyvale's web site.

Since AB1998, a proposed California statewide ban, failed to pass, many California cities have vowed to pass their own single-use plastic bag ban. San Jose passed an ordinance in in September of last year. Santa Monica and Santa Barbara are considering a ban among others.

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