Bermuda May Ban Plastic Bags

Bermuda May Ban Plastic Bags

Flag of Bermuda Credit Wikipedia
Bermuda, the island British Territory which lies off the east coast of the United States, may impose a nationwide plastic bag ban.

Derrick Burgess, Bermuda's Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Works, made the announcement to the House of Assembly last Friday, November 12th. He said the plastic bags cause serious harm to the environment.

Deputy Premier Burgess stated, "We are proposing to ban plastic bags. Plastic bags have been around since 1950. Some of those bags will still be around". (1)

The Island of Bermuda derives the majority of its GDP from finance and tourism. It has an affluent economy with its 2009 per capita GDP at $91,477. (2)

Read more about the possibility of a plastic bag ban at The Royal Gazette.

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