Border Town Plastic Bag Ban

Border Town Plastic Bag Ban

Brownsville, Texas, USA
The very first plastic bag ban reported here on PBBR was Brownsville, Texas, USA. Next week, that plastic bag ban goes into effect.

Environmental Fee
Although modified somewhat since the ordinance was passed on January 5, 2010, the intent is the same. Brownsville is promoting reusable bags and feels that the ban will eliminate plastic bags drifting through the streets, littering sidewalks and floating in resacas.

With the ban, the City is implementing an environmental fee of $1 per plastic bag if a shopper asks for one. The fee also applies to any non-reusable bag including paper bags. The fee will undoubtedly reduce the number of plastic bags in the city.

To learn more, visit the City of Brownsville's Plastic Bag Ordinance FAQ site.

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