Business Leaders Use Plastic Bag Ban Report

Business Leaders Use Plastic Bag Ban Report

Business Leaders Exploit PBBR
Business leaders, government decision-makers, other media outlets, and industry-specific publications read, and have linked to Plastic Bag Ban Report (PBBR).

With over 430 articles, PBBR is a repository of plastic bag bans around the globe. We publish only fact-validated news. PBBR is an accurate and reliable resource.

How Businesses Use PBBR

  • Retailers with units in several cities:  Headquarters must stay informed of local ordinances.  They need to know in what cities to scale back their plastic bag inventories.  As newer bans are passed, this now includes inventories of non-biodegradable or non-recyclable paper bags.  Retailers also know where to increase their supplies of reusable bags or if they need to create their own logoed reusable bag.
  • Package Design Companies and Advertising Agencies:  Rely on PBBR to know what is acceptable within the ordinance guidelines
  • Tour Operators:  Keep their travelers informed of local cultures and ordinances
  • Government entities and municipalities:  Know what's being done in other cities and states
  • Banks with branches in multiple cities:  Banks are highly involved in community activities and must stay informed of life-changing events.
  • Company Sales Reps:  Must know local ordinances
  • Country-wide Event Coordinators:  Again, they must know local ordinances
  • Reusable Bag Companies:  Uses PBBR to know where to ramp-up advertising or sales reps
  • Business travelers:  Need to know when and where they must bring their own bag
  • Media:  Links to PBBR for accurate and concise plastic bag ban information

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