Carbondale, Colorado, USA Set To Regulate Single-Use Bags

Carbondale, Colorado, USA Set To Regulate Single-Use Bags

The Carbondale Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, September 13th to vote on a proposed ordinance that would place a fee on single-use plastic bags.  However, during the course of the meeting, a different decision was made.

CORE (Community Office for Resource Efficiency) presented a document to facilitate discussion about disposable bags.  CORE has been working with several municipalities in the Roaring Fork Valley region to help develop a regional approach to regulating disposable bags.

The  idea actually started in May of this year when CORE and the Environmental Board made a presentation to the Trustees.  At that meeting,  the Trustees unanimously supported working with other regional towns to create an ordinance regulating single-use bags.

Since that time, CORE and the E-Board has held numerous meetings with local grocers and lodging facilities in order to receive their  input .  A survey of other towns was also conducted to render information about the fees they charge.

The meeting was being held as a public hearing and many residents spoke their feelings about the fee- some for and some against.  In fact, one gentleman quoted from the movie "Bag It", which was made in Telluride, Colorado.

At the meeting on Sept. 13th, the Carbondale Trustees were presented more information from CORE.  CORE also informed the Board that Aspen had decided to postpone the passing of their ordinance in order to study the possibility of an outright ban on plastic bags.

When this information was shared, many of the Trustees felt that Carbondale should do the same thing.  Many questions arose as to that possibility.

A motion was made, and seconded, to continue the hearing on  October 25th.  At that time, the Trustees will make a decision of how they want to regulate single-use bags:  Ban or Fee?

About Carbondale(1)

Carbondale, Colorado is located in Garfield County and has a population of about 5200 people.  The town is situated at the confluence of the Roaring Fork River and the Crystal River, about 30 miles from Aspen, Colorado.

The rise of Aspen as a skiing mecca and subsequent hyperinflation of its real estate prices has forced a majority of its workers downvalley to other towns like Carbondale. Thus, especially since the 1980s, Carbondale has partly served as a bedroom community to Aspen. More recently Carbondale has seen a boom of second-home construction, arts and recreational amenities, and tourism as the area's wealth and renown has grown.

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Cover Photo: Rock Glacier on the slope of Mt. Sopris in the Elk Mountains near Carbondale. Credit: NASA


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