Carpinteria, California Bans Single-Use Bags, Plastic and Paper

Carpinteria, California Bans Single-Use Bags, Plastic and Paper

March 15, 2012 - The City of Carpinteria, California, USA adopted its proposed "Single-Use Bag Regulations", creating a new chapter of the Carpinteria Municipal Code. Passed by the City Council at its regular meeting on March 12, the ordinance prohibits retailers from providing a single-use bag, plastic or paper, to a customer at the point of purchase.

The ordinance applies to all retailers, including restaurants, and begins July 11 of this year for large commercial establishments. The ordinance goes into effect on April 13th, 2013 for small commercial establishments.

As noted, all disposable single-use bags are banned, plastic and paper, making Carpinteria the second city in the U.S. to ban both kinds of bags. The first city to ban both plastic and paper bags was Austin, Texas, USA.

Carpinteria is located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara County, California.

Local TV station, KEYT, filed this report, courtesy of KEYT-TV.

Cover photo: Carpinteria's main street looking toward the beach. Taken by Antandrus, courtesy of Wikipedia.

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  1. Jack Plaza   2012/03/27 at 2:36 am

    We at Jaksak are happy that the city of Carpinteria is leading the way,in banning the plastic bag.I have spent thousands of dollars on TV and radio trying to educate the public on plastic bags, and promote our reuseable bags that we manufacture here in Santa Barbara county.Unfortunately People are creatures of bag habits,and do little to be responsible on their own.So it takes an ordinance for people to do the right thing weather they understand or not!

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