Celebrating One Year of Plastic Bag Ban Reports

PBBR ImageJanuary 6th, 2010 was the inaugural issue of Plastic Bag Ban Report. The first ban reported was Brownsville, Texas : Brownsville Bans Plastic Bags.

Since then, it has been non-stop almost. 2010 was a year of bans and plastic bag wars. However, I think it was just a warm up session. 2011 will see more bans in more cities, states, and countries. Mark it down.

I believe 2011 will see the first state-wide ban in the U.S. (stateside). We just had the first Country to ban plastic bags country-wide which is Italy. (I plan to report on Italy's ban but still trying to verify the facts.)

PBBR has grown to around 4000 unique visitors per month with over 55,000 hits. PBBR is also seeing more partner requests within the last two months. Our main partner is (and has been for a while) ConservingNow.com.

I have been planning 2011 now for awhile. I intend to do more on-site reporting. I am developing a project for a weekly video series and will involve several partners. I will be establishing ad sales to help support the work. Stay tuned and up-2-date with all the happenings by subscribing to PBBR.

As part of the Anniversary Celebration, I would like to do a Recognition story to recognize the people who made plastic bag bans happen in 2010. I want to recognize the people who were vital in doing research, compiling stats, holding town meetings, etc. which resulted in bans being passed. You know who they are - so please go to the Contact page and tell me. The PBBR Recognition Issue will be forthcoming.

Thank you so much for your support in 2010 and our first year!

Ted Duboise

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