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Los Angeles, CA, October 17, 2017 (PBBR) - Finally, a plastic bag manufacturer has stepped up to the plate to hit a home run for reusable bags. Although still made of plastic, the bags are thicker gauge plastic - 2.25 mil - which meets the reusable bag requirements set forth in a majority of plastic bag bans.

Called  smarterbags™, they are made of 50% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, smarterbags™ are certified by a California State Approved Laboratory to meet strength, durability, and reusability requirements.

Here is a press release about smarterbags™ from Command Packaging.

Command Packaging to Make Bag Ban Compliant Reusable Bags for Grocery Stores

Los Angeles, CA, September 24, 2013  - Command Packaging, a US manufacturer of reusable shopping and restaurant bags, today announced that it will invest up to $25 million to produce bag ban compliant reusable bags. In anticipation of the Los Angeles bag ban, and a possible California statewide law, Command Packaging has engineered an affordable and sustainable reusable bag called smarterbags™.

Made from recycled agricultural plastic collected in California, smarterbags™ are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use paper bags and imported reusable bags. According to a Chico State University study, smarterbags™ have a lower carbon footprint compared to imported reusable or paper bags.

“The smarterbags™ solution is sensible, simple, and sustainable,” Pete Grande, CEO of Command Packaging and smarterbags™ said. “It's time to address the single-use grocery bag issue without initiating a return to less environmentally friendly options like paper bags.”

smarterbags™ meet all standards to qualify as reusable bags in California cities that have implemented bag ban ordinances. smarterbags™ are strong and are engineered to be used 125 times. The product is easy to carry, easy to use, and durable in all types of weather. Sold for the same 10 cent price point as single-use paper bags, smarterbags™ are both environmentally and economically beneficial for consumers.

"We are creating ways to take advantage of using "smarter" plastic. By manufacturing affordable, reusable bags we will reduce the number of bags used in California," Grande said. "When we recycle with a purpose, we are diverting plastic from landfills. The diverted plastic is recycled and used to manufacture other necessary products, creating a closed-loop. Recycling with the purpose to reduce the number of bags used by consumers is the goal of smarterbags™.”

According to US government reports, the California agricultural industry uses more than 100 million pounds of plastic each year and virtually all of that is sent to landfills. Command Packaging is the first US company to adopt and implement the successful European recycling model which requires agricultural plastic to be recycled and used in the manufacturing of other recyclable products like reusable grocery bags.

Retailers who are interested in carrying smarterbags™ in your grocery or retail store please contact: Erin Grande, smarterbags™ National Sales Manager at For consumer purchases please contact:

About Command Packaging:
Founded in 1989, Command Packaging, is a US manufacturer of reusable shopping and restaurant bags. The company prides itself on providing the highest quality and most environmentally friendly plastic bags to the nation's top retail stores and restaurants.

Through its subsidiaries, smarterbags™ and Encore Recycling, Command Packaging maintains a steadfast commitment to producing bag ban compliant, multiple-use, reusable bags made from recycled plastic. For more information please visit:

About smarterbags™:
smarterbags™, a subsidiary of Command Packaging, was created in response to the growing need for a smart reusable bag solution for grocers in bag ban areas. Meeting the reusable bag requirements for all city and state proposed ordinances, smarterbags™ are 100% sourced, manufactured, and distributed in the USA.

The product is a reusable, recyclable, environmentally responsible, and cost effective option available to consumers grocers, retailers, and restaurants. The company is dedicated to continuing their mission of being a leader in creating green manufacturing jobs in America. For more information or to carry smarterbags™ at your location please visit:


Source: Command Packaging

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