ConservingNow Making A Difference For Tomorrow’s Children

Credit: ConservingNow. Click for a Cling
Creating Positive and Sustainable, Long-Term Changes began as a grassroots effort by a Mom and Daughter team. Experiencing personally how hard it is to remember to bring your reusable bag when shopping, Gayle and Meghan decided to create a static cling as a reminder. The static cling can be put on your car window, your front door glass, or wherever it best reminds you to bring your bag along.

Gayle and Meghan built to get the word out about their clings. The site was started just about a year ago and now they send out hundreds of clings per month. Many organizations get the clings to hand out to their members or employees.

Now, a major focus of ConservingNow is educating youth about sustainability. According to Gayle, "If we teach students in the classroom, we will create life-long positive habits at an early age. When they grow up, considering using a plastic bag will never be an option." ConservingNow's Classroom Education Kit is distributed all over the US and Canada.

A Massive Community

Gayle and Meghan have built ConservingNow into a community of over 100,000 members and more than 10,500 fans on Facebook. I applaud them for their grassroots efforts! But they can tell their story better than I. I urge you to visit to read the rest of their story, learn about their work and lend support to the cause. By the way, get a cling - it works.

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