Corpus Christi Bans Plastic Bag Use By City

Corpus Christi Bans Plastic Bag Use By City

Corpus Christi, Texas, Feb. 25, 2014 (PBBR) - The Corpus Christi City Council, in regular session on Tuesday, passed a new, comprehensive litter ordinance.

Within that litter ordinance is a section that prohibits plastic checkout bags being used by the city. The litter ordinance established Chapter 22 of the Code of Ordinances. Section 22-10 of that ordinance, titled No Plastic Checkout Bags, states:

Beginning twelve months from the date this ordinance takes effect, no person may provide plastic checkout bags at any City facility, City-sponsored event, or any event held on City property.

At the Council meeting, the Director of Solid Waste Operations, Lawrence Mikolajczyk explained each section of the new ordinance and fielded questions from the council. "We inserted the 12-month start date to allow any city contracts to expire" he stated.

Council had some discussion as to the definition of "plastic checkout bags" and staff said they would verify the definition and clarify any questions that might arise. Of particular concern to one Councilmember was to ensure plastic dog poop bags were not banned in city parks.

Corpus Christi, some 200 miles southeast of Austin, Texas is located along the Gulf Coast  in the southern part of Texas. As of 2012, the population of the metro area was close to 470,000 people. The city has considered a full ban on plastic checkout bags in the past but it is still in development.


Cover photo: Aerial view of Corpus Christi, Texas. Released into public domain by author.

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