Dari Mart To Replace Plastic Bags

Grab'n Go Green
Photo: Courtesy The Creswell Chronicle. Betty Proctor, manager of the N. Mill St. Dari Mart store, sells Creswell mayor Bob Hooker a Grab'n Go Green reusable bag to hold the eggnog he purchased. Photo Helen Hollyer

Dari Mart is phasing out plastic bags and replacing them with a reusable fabric shopping bag.  Dari Mart is a local convenience store chain based in Junction City, Oregon, and has 43 stores throughout the central Willamette Valley.

The following article is reprinted by permission of  The Creswell Chronicle, Creswell, Oregon.  Published:  January 27, 2010.

‘Grab'n Go Green' Bags Help Feed Hungry Families

Recently the Gibson family, owners and operators of Dari Mart, decided to take action to protect the environment by phasing out the approximate 1.4 million plastic bags that the local convenience stores had been using annually in Lane, Linn and Benton counties.

By offering "Grab'n Go Green" reusable fabric shopping bags at 50 cents per bag and donating all proceeds from sales of the bags from Jan. 15 through Feb. 15, 2010, to FOOD for Lane County, Dari Mart also continues its ongoing support of the local food bank.

"Dari Mart has been a long-time and generous supporter of FOOD for Lane County, and we are excited to see to see them take this next step in protecting the environment," said Dawn Marie Woodward, FFLC media relations coordinator.

"For every dollar donated to us, we can access and distribute three meals, so this donation has the possibility of providing thousand of meals for hungry families in Lane County," Woodward said.

As an extra incentive to purchase and use the fabric bags, Dari Mart customers will receive a five-cent credit each time they bring back a fabric bag to the store for reuse.

"If every customer who comes in on an average day buys a bag, we will raise $14,000 to provide food for those in most need," said Kathy Gibson, operations manager for Dari Mart.

Dari Mart is the first local convenience store to offer reusable fabric bags to replace plastic bags. Paper bags will also be available. The new Grab'n Go Green bags can be purchased at both Dari Mart stores in Creswell.

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