Day Without A Bag Goes Regional In San Diego County

Courtesy: Solana Center for Environmental Innovation
Originally conceived by the Santa Monica non-profit, Heal the Bay, Day Without A Bag is now in other parts of California.

As the name implies, Day Without A Bag ask people to refuse the single use plastic bag and use reusable bags for shopping. Cities in San Diego County had held the Day Without A Bag for the past two years.

For 2010, it has become a regional event county-wide. According to Jacy Bolden, Regional Coordinator of Day Without A Bag in San Diego County, "This is a grassroots event to educate citizens to adopt more sustainable shopping habits".

Heal the Bay is also holding their annual Day Without A Bag event the same day in L. A. County.

For more information, to volunteer, to become a sponsor, or to help promote the event, visit

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