Earth Fare Kicks The Plastic Bag Habit

Earth Fare Kicks The Plastic Bag Habit

Plastic Bags are a habit of convenience - they are not a necessity of life.

Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket, is kicking the habit. They have launched their own plastic bag ban in their stores. The company philosophy is: 'What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.'

Earth Fare is a chain of supermarkets in the extreme Southeast United States. Known as the healthy supermarket, they are one of the largest natural food retailers in the U.S. with 18 stores in five states.

Visit their website and read 'Top 5 Reasons Earth Fare Is Eliminating Plastic Bags'
Here is a video of the company announcing their decision to kick the habit.

No More Plastic Grocery Bags at Earth Fare. from Earth Fare on Vimeo


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