ECoppell Reduces Plastic Bags

ECoppell Reduces Plastic Bags
ECoppell Members

“How Can I Do My Part Towards A Cleaner Earth?”  It’s simple says “ECoppell”.

“Our goal is to make our community the first in Texas to abolish the use of plastic bags”.

ECoppell is a grassroots movement organized by students at Coppell High School in Coppell, Texas, USA.  The Coppell High School Club has a two-fold mission:

  1. Create awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bags in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas
  2. Promote the importance of reusable bags to help the environment

Their plans are to start in the DFW area, then go statewide and eventually nationwide.

Coppell High School

Coppell, Texas is a suburb community in the extreme northwest section of Dallas, Texas, USA.  Coppell High School is a secondary school located in the Coppell Independent School District.  With a student body of around 3000 and a staff of 200, Coppell High School was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for the 2001-02 school year.

Coppell High School has consistently ranked in the top 1200 high schools in the U.S.  The Coppell Independent School District is ranked #1 in school districts in Texas and #3 in SAT scores out of 62 suburbs.

In December, Coppell High School was awarded a Silver Medal in U.S. News and World Report magazine’s  third annual list of top performing high schools across the nation.


“Our mission is to change the mindset of people to use cloth bags as a replacement to plastic bags”, stated ECoppell.  Doing their own leg work,

ECoppell Bag

ECoppell collected statistics of cloth bags vs. plastic bags.  “What we found was, a staggering 91.5% of people used plastic bags and only 8.5% used cloth bags”.  The students stood outside three major food retailers making notes of people with cloth bags and people with plastic bags as they left the retailer.

That is commitment to the cause!  ECoppell intends to reduce plastic bag usage by 8% initially.  To help achieve this goal, the members are distributing 5000 free cloth bags to the community.

Community & Business Support

Since beginning in June, 2009, ECoppell members have garnered support from the local community and businesses.  Some of their supporters include Kroger, FedEx Kinkos, and Ace Hardware.  Of course, ECoppell has Coppell High School’s support.  Other supporters include the town of Coppell’s Environmental Department.

ECoppell is seeking a grant to further their environmental efforts.  Publicity efforts will include Earthfest Day in town center Coppell on April 24th.  Earth Fest Day is a “Go Green” day where Coppell and surrounding cities attend an environmental convention to see and participate in local environmental projects.  ECoppell will have a booth at the event to give presentations, hand out brochures and cloth bags, and sell organic food as a fundraiser.

“Our ultimate goal is to distribute free cloth bags and brochures in the whole of Texas.  We would like to make our local Coppell Community known to the whole U.S. to be one of the first to ban the use of plastic bags”.

ECoppell Members Showing Off Cloth Bag

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