Edmonds Plastic Bag Ban Update

Edmonds, Washington
Photo: City of Edmonds website
As reported on PBBR, a ban on single-use plastic bags is set to start in less than three months in Edmonds, Washington, USA. (See Article) The effective date of the ordinance was August 27, 2009 and the operative date is August 27, 2010.

This year-long waiting period was designed to educate citizens and retailers about the ban. To achieve this goal, the City of Edmonds created the 'Bring Your Own Bag' Campaign.

The Campaign promotes reusable bags as the best alternative to plastic bags. One of the events of the Campaign was a student poster contest and winners have just been announced.

The 'Bring Your Own Bag" Campaign subcommittee is part of the Mayors Climate Protection Committee. Click the links to learn more.

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