Environmental Community Misinformed?

Environmental Community Misinformed?

Mark Daniels, Vice President of Sustainability and Environmental Policy at Hilex Poly Co. LLC., talks about plastic bag bans. "There are a lot of things that are misinformed from the environmental community," states Daniels.

In an exclusive interview by Breitbart News at the Red State Gathering 2012 conference in Jacksonville, Florida, Daniels says that plastic bag bans are bad for the economy and the environment. The conference began Friday, August 3rd.

PBBR wanted you to see the interview in its entirety and then you can make your own decisions. We at PBBR are most concerned with the fact that plastic bags kill so many animals, marine life, and our beautiful birds. This fact is not mentioned in this interview.

You may dispute whether plastic bags are a litter or solid waste problem, but there is no denying the torment plastic bags cause to innocent wildlife.

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Video credit: Breitbart News

Coming Soon: Special Report on job losses caused by plastic bag bans. Stay informed.

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