Eugene Eliminates 67 Million Bags, Maybe 5 Cents Fee

Eugene Eliminates 67 Million Bags, Maybe 5 Cents Fee

Eugene, OR, June 9, 2013 (PBBR) - The City of Eugene, Oregon passed a plastic bag ban in October, 2012. The ordinance also mandated that merchants could only give out recycled paper bags and a fee of five cents must be charged for each recycled paper bag given to a customer.

The single-use plastic bag ban, along with the paper bag pass-through charge, went into effect just last month on May 1st. Thirteen days later, the Eugene Council voted to re-think its position on the five cents fee. An ordinance has been drafted to suspend the five cents fee during the city's re-evaluation period.

Monday, June 10, the City Council is holding a public hearing on suspension of the paper bag pass-through fee. This is only a public hearing before the Mayor and City Council. The Council will not take action on the item at this meeting which is scheduled at a later date.

Along with staff analysis, the Eugene City Council is evaluating the charge by looking at what other cities have done. Portland, OR does not charge a paper bag fee in their plastic bag ban. However, the City of Corvallis does charge a fee.

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