European Parliament Supports Carrier Bag Reduction

European Parliament Supports Carrier Bag Reduction

Berlin, April 16, 2014 - Today, the European Parliament adopted a report to demonstrate its support for decisive action to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags in Europe.

The Parliament's report exempts very lightweight plastic carrier bags (below 10 micron thickness) from the scope of any measures. The report further requires their replacement gradually with biodegradable and compostable bags.

It also allows member states with existing separate collection of biowaste to reduce the price of biodegradable and compostable lightweight carrier bags by up to 50%.

European Bioplastics, an association representing the interests of Europe's bioplastics industry, supports the outcome of the vote and the corresponding provisions for compostable plastic carrier bags.

François de Bie, Chairman of European Bioplastics, commented: “We are very glad that the  European Parliament recognises the value compostable carrier bags can provide to enhance a separate biowaste collection across Europe. Switching from lightweight single-use fossil-based carrier bags to EN 13432 certified compostable dual-use shopping bags helps to divert biowaste from landfill.”

“Creating a clear regulative framework for bioplastics products will accelerate the benefits our industry will bring to environment, economy, and society. Be it biobased plastics in durable products that function as a carbon sink, or compostable short-term plastic applications that help to increase waste stream efficiency, the European bioplastics industry offers innovation, future jobs and an opportunity for Europe to stay competitive in industrial biotechnology,” urges de Bie.

European Bioplastics members produce, refine and distribute bioplastics i.e. plastics that are either biobased, biodegradable, or both.
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