Fla. Senator Files Bill To Regulate Plastic Bags

Fla. Senator Files Bill To Regulate Plastic Bags

Tallahassee, Florida, April 1, 2013 - Florida Democratic Senator Dwight Bullard has introduced a bill creating statewide rules to regulate disposable plastic bags and recyclable paper bags.

The bill would allow local governments to "opt-in" to the law by adopting the provisions by local ordinance. The law would:

  • apply to certain stores in counties or municipalities where the local government adopts the provisions of the act;
  • establish requirements for certain stores in participating localities to comply with the act;
  • require stores in participating localities to charge a fee for every recyclable paper bag provided to¬† customers;
  • provide for allocation of collected fees;

Senate Bill 0722 continues with a typical set of definitions of most plastic bag ordinances. The bill further states that 50% of the collected fee will be distributed to the school district in which the merchant is located. Up to 50% of the remainder of the fee may be retained by the merchant to offset the cost of complying with the law.

The act would take effect upon becoming law.


Cover photo: City of Miami, Florida. Author: Ted Duboise.

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