Freemantle Becomes “Plastic Bag Free City”

Freemantle Becomes “Plastic Bag Free City”

Freemantle, Western Australia, July 9, 2014 (PBBR) - The Strategic and General Services Committee of Freemantle has voted unanimously to adopt the Plastic Bag Reduction Local Law 2014. The Local Law must still be approved by the State Government.

The Local Law was actually drafted and passed in 2012. However, the State Government disallowed the 2012 law because Subsection 6 had mandated that retailers charge a 10 cents per bag fee for alternative bags. Local governments cannot require retailers to charge a fee; they can however suggest that retailers charge a fee.

The 2014 Local Law was redrafted and Subsection 6 was removed. Local news sources quoted Freemantle Mayor Brad Pettitt saying that he was confident that there was no legal basis for the ban to be overturned this time by State Government.

The Law defines a "single-use plastic bag" as a bag made of plastic and less than 60 microns in thickness. A reusable plastic bag is greater than 60 microns in thickness.

The law simply states that: A retailer shall not provide a single-use plastic shopping bag to a customer as a means of carrying away purchased goods from the retailer. Retailer is defined as a person selling retail goods.

The Law also prohibits plastic bag manufacturers or wholesalers from supplying single-use plastic bags to retailers.

Freemantle joins many other towns in Australia in banning plastic bags.


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