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Growing continuously since its inception, Plastic Bag Ban Report has now become a repository of plastic bag bans and reference source of plastic bag issues with over 500 news stories and Special Reports found only on PBBR.

Gain Full Access to the world's most comprehensive site reporting on plastic bag bans. Plastic Bag Ban Report (PBBR) brings you the news along with exclusive reports that you'll find only here.

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Exclusive reports include:

Full Access also includes Special Reports only available at PBBR. Our first Special Report: The True Job Loss Threat from L.A. City's Plastic Bag Ban. This report exposes the number of jobs that will actually be lost when L.A. City's plastic bag ban goes into effect. The plastic bag industry claims that thousands of jobs will be lost because of the ban. Find out.

We just passed our 5 year anniversary and we are now in our 6th year of publication. PBBR is proud to bring to you  Special Edition reports covering various environmental topics and current issues that are relevant and pertinent to the plastic regulation movement.

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