Green Your Dry Cleaning – Reduce Plastic Waste

Green Your Dry Cleaning – Reduce Plastic Waste

Dry Cleaning Bags are Single-Use Plastic Bags, Too
According to news reports, dry cleaning generates 300 million pounds of plastic waste each year. Plastic waste that pollutes our oceans, rivers and lands.

When you use the dry cleaners to clean and press your clothes, typically, your clean clothes are returned to you with a plastic bag over your clothes to serve as a garment cover. What do you do with that plastic bag?

In fact, the dry cleaning plastic bag is the original single-use plastic bag. What else can you do with it once you are home with your clothes? It can't be used as a trash can liner - it's not thick enough. Pooper scooper for pets? I doubt that.

Dry Cleaning Plastic Bag Alternative
Last week, I spoke with Jenny Nigrosh, President of The Green Garmento™. The Green Garmento™ makes a reusable dry cleaning bag that eliminates all that plastic. It is so easy to use and very inexpensive.

Ms. Nigrosh told me, "Our entire mission is education". Educating dry cleaners and consumers that there is an alternative to single-use plastic dry cleaning bags.

None of the plastic bag bans reported here on PBBR include dry cleaning bags. Why? Ms. Nigrosh stated, " I think it's because legislative bodies feel that there is no alternative." However, there are alternatives.

The Green Garmento™
The Green Garmento™ is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic dry cleaning bags. It is a hanging hamper, a carrying bag, and a duffel bag.

Here is how it works. When I go to the cleaners, I have to wait in line, then, when I get to the counter, I had to count the garments, separate by shirt or pants, and then get a receipt/pick up slip for the return to get my clothes.

With The Green Garmento™, I simply walk into the cleaners and drop off The Green Garmento™ bag. I have my clothes inside of it and the cleaners takes it from there. No wait, no muss, no fuss. Here's a video that explains the process.

Do Your Part - Take Action
You don't have to wait until legislation bans plastic dry cleaning bags. You can ban them now. Simply make the choice! Ms. Nigrosh said, "Since we are all about education, I would be delighted to create a special coupon code for your audience to get free shipping on any quantity of Green Garmentos they order from our site. This code will be PBBRFREESHIP."

"Also as mentioned, we are running a Free Bag promo on our Facebook Page, where anyone can post the name of their dry cleaner not currently using our bag and we'll send them a coupon code for a free bag! Here's our FB page:".

Read the press release: Dry Cleaning Giant Announces Plan To Reduce Single-Use Plastic Waste

So today, tell your dry cleaners you will not use their plastic garment covers anymore. Also, please take a few seconds to complete this poll:

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