Gunnison Valley, CO Explores Plastic Bag Ban

Gunnison Valley, CO Explores Plastic Bag Ban

Crested Butte, Colorado, March 12, 2014 (PBBR) - The Gunnison Valley area of Colorado, involving three towns in the Rocky Mountains, is exploring the possibility of a single-use plastic bag reduction ordinance.

"Our plans are to draft an ordinance which would be adopted by each town", stated Kristen Van Hoesen, Executive Director of Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE). ORE is helping to coordinate this grassroots effort along with Western State Colorado University, Gunnison CREW, and the Crested Butte Youth Council.

The idea of reducing the use of plastics began with students on the campus of Western State Colorado University. Now the possibility of a plastic bag ban has spread to the community. Public outreach meetings have been held locally at businesses. The meetings have been mainly aimed at garnering input from the community.

A facebook page has been created to allow locals to voice their opinion. "Think Outside The Bag" has become the motto of the movement.

For more information, visit the facebook page at:

The three towns, Crested Butte, Gunnison, and Mt. Crested Butte are all located in Gunnison County. Crested Butte, in the northern part of the county, is only 25 miles south of Aspen - as the crow flies. By road, it's a 200 mile, 4-hour trip. Aspen is on the north side of the Elk Mountains and Crested Butte is on the south side.


Cover photo: Crested Butte, Colorado by Chris Segal. Public Domain.