The Plastic Bag Ban Report

PBBRThe Plastic Bag Wars

Plastic bag pollution has become a hot topic. We've all heard about how plastic bags pollute oceans, rivers, and eventually our food supply. Yes, even the food we eat. There are reported facts about how bad that plastic bags are for the environment and the ocean. Is there scientific evidence to prove these facts? There are reports that say the facts are wrong. The reports, counter-reports and arguments filter down to what I call "The Plastic Bag Wars".

There seems to be a plastic bag frenzy. Countries, states, cities and counties are writing legislation and passing ordinances to eliminate plastic bags or decrease their use.

Plastic Bag Ban Report

The Plastic Bag Ban Report (PBBR) brings all the screaming frenzy together in one place. PBBR reports the latest on:

  • Plastic Bag Bans
  • Proposed Plastic Bag Bans
  • Back Door Bans (charging a fee for using plastic bags)
  • Legislation and Ordinances
  • Battles: Arguments For and Against plastic bag bans

PBBR also brings you other information related to plastic bags, such as:

  • Reducing Plastic Bags
  • Recycling Plastic Bags
  • ReUsing Plastic Bags
  • Alternatives to Plastic Bags
  • Stay informed of what's happening in the Plastic Bag Wars. Subscribe to the Plastic Bag Ban Report. It's FREE.

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