Homer, Alaska Begins Process To Ban Plastic Bags

Homer, Alaska Begins Process To Ban Plastic Bags

Prohibits Disposable Plastic Shopping Bags | Plastic Bag Ban Report
Homer, Alaska, USA, July 26, 2012 (PBBR) - The City Council of Homer, Alaska has taken the first steps to ban plastic bags at local retailers.

The ordinance is drafted. It was introduced and the First Reading took place at the regular City Council meeting on Monday, July 23, by Council Members David Lewis and Beauregard Burgess. Ordinance 12-36 would prohibit sellers from providing to customers a disposable plastic shopping bag for their purchases.

Only Light-Weight Plastic Bags Banned
Paper bags are not being banned and no charge will incur for paper bags. "Hopefully, shoppers will bring their own reusable bags", stated Councilman David Lewis. "Sellers will be allowed to provide paper bags, reusable bags or heavy-duty plastic bags."

"The ordinance only prohibits light-weight plastic bags and is based on size-limits established in the Seattle, Washington ordinance", said Mr. Lewis. The Seattle ordinance allows retail stores to provide carryout bags made of plastic 2.25 mil or thicker, with or without charge at their discretion.

"We have recently gone from a landfill to a transfer station and these bags are so light they just blow away from the dump", said Mr. Lewis. "I tried to regulate the bags four years ago with a tax - which didn't pass. I decided to try it this time with no tax."

Further Action
The ordinance was adopted without discussion by Council. The second reading and public hearing will take place on August 13, 2012 at Council's regular meeting.

Homer, Alaska, USA
The City of Homer is located near the southern tip of Kenai Peninsula on the shore of Kachemak Bay. For the past few years, the City of Homer has engaged in several sustainability issues. For more information, visit the City of Homer website.

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