Ian Thomson Update

Attempting Record Solo Sailing Around Australia
On Target to Beat Previous Record
'No Plastic Bags'Campaign
The story of Ian Thomson's 'No Plastic Bag' campaign has been, by far, our most popular story. Hopefully, this means you have been following Ian on his record-setting voyage around his home country of Australia. You can watch his updates while he is on his journey at his website, SOSOceanRacing.com.

World-Record Solo Sailing Attempt
The last update Ian did was on his 17th day of the trip. "All is going well," Ian says. According to his calculations, he is ahead of the previous record by about 14-16 days. This means that at this point, he is about a third of the way. The previous record for sailing solo around Australia was 68 days. Ian's goal is to sail the continent in 50 days.

In the update, Ian talks about ideas he has after he finishes this trip. You might remember in the original story, Ian had planned to sail in the biggest solo ocean races in the world to bring attention to plastic bags and how they kill marine wildlife. He is now talking about possibly forming an exhibition, buying a boat, and collecting plastic from the gyres of the ocean.

More Resources
> Watch a video of Ian explaining precisely how plastic bags kill a sea turtle in the ocean. You can see Ian is very passionate about the turtles.
> Go to SOSOceanRacing.com and keep up-to-date with Ian's world-record setting solo sailing voyage around the continent of Australia.
> Learn more about plastic gyres at Algalita.org.

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