Illinois Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Act

Illinois Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Act

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A bill in the Illinois State Legislature this session, if passed, would create the Illinois Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Act.

If the bill becomes law, plastic bag manufacturers would have to meet several requirements in order to do business in the state of Illinois. The State of Maryland is considering very similar legislation.

The Act would mandate that plastic carryout bag manufacturers:

  • Register with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA)
  • Pay the IEPA an initial registration fee
  • Pay the IEPA an annual registration renewal fee
  • Could not sell or offer to sell a plastic bag in the State unless the name of the manufacturer is printed on the bag
  • Develop an IEPA approved plan for the recycling of plastic carryout bags and plastic film product wrap
  • Produce bags to a specified percentage of post-consumer recycled content if to be sold in the state

Filed by State Senator Terry Link, the bill is now in Assignments.

Lake County, Illinois passed a similar bill in 2007 which became law in 2008. That bill also created the Plastic Bag Recycling Task Force. Learn more about Lake County's Plastic Bag & Film Recycling program.

3 Responses to "Illinois Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Act"

  1. David   2012/06/25 at 12:04 pm

    This law has now passed both state houses.

    It is not a good thing.

    It places rather weak, not-yet-defined requirements for recycling and imposes a $500 annual fee on plastic bag manufactures. However, the law preempts home rule so no local cities or counties can place more restrictions on the use or recycling of plastic bags.

    In other words, the plastic bag industry has–with the help of Illinois state lawmakers–bought themselves assurances that there will be no future bans or restrictions on plastic bags in the state, including recycling efforts that could be more affective than those imposed by the state. That’s a pretty good deal for only $500.

  2. Jessica   2012/05/11 at 9:09 am

    At least the world started to do something about plastic bags! And this is a good thing!

  3. Jenny Sant'Anna   2012/05/08 at 10:54 pm

    I believe this bill would also prohibit IL municipalities from passing their own plastic bag bans or mandating fees for plastic bags (except for Chicago). If I’m right, this bill would be a mistake for IL. CA has a plastic bag recycling law and according to CalRecycle the recycling rate for regulated plastic bags in 2009 was only 3 percent.

    Why would anyone bother to bring their bags BACK to the store and not just re-use them? Or better yet, bring their own reusable bags to the store if they need to remember bags.

    I encourage IL citizens to research this bill and encourage a no vote.

    -JS @BagTheBagUSA

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