Initiate A Plastic Bag Ban

Initiate A Plastic Bag Ban
Initiate A Plastic Bag Ban
Book Cover: Initiate a Plastic Bag Ban

"Initiate A Plastic Bag Ban" is an environmental guidebook for starting a plastic bag ban in your hometown. Easy to read, the book chapters include: "Problems with Plastic Bags", "Elements of an Ordinance", "Getting City Hall's Attention", and "Resources" that will help in your campaign.

Initiate A Plastic Bag Ban is written by Ted Duboise, Publisher of Plastic Bag Ban Report. Duboise has been monitoring and tracking plastic bag bans across the U.S. and around the globe for over six years. In writing the book, Duboise draws from his vast knowledge of plastic bag ordinances and plastic pollution to lay out a solid, workable plan of action.

He brings you the stories of grassroots efforts by people in several jurisdictions who have been successful in getting City Councils to adopt plastic bag regulations. He cites examples of what worked for them, like Brownsville, Texas and Bellingham, Washington.

Duboise also included a "Resource" guide which refers to successful ordinances, ways to get your campaign noticed, government sources of data, and a sample petition to be used in a plastic bag ban campaign.

"So many people across the nation have asked for this material", stated Duboise. The book will fulfill those request. Plastic bag bans and disposable bag bans have exploded across the world. More and more people are taking notice of the extreme amount of plastic pollution in our oceans. They seek ways to reduce our impact on the environment. The sheer volume of plastic bags used today is staggering. In fact, over 90 billion plastic bags are unaccounted for in the U.S. Are they in our oceans?

So Make Waves In Your Home Town and get involved.

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