Jobs Lost from L.A. City Bag Ban

Jobs Lost from L.A. City Bag Ban

The True Job Loss Factor
The City of Los Angeles, California passed an ordinance banning plastic bags on May 23rd, 2012. Opponents decried the ban as a job killer.

As the bill’s sponsor, Paul Koretz, states, no one wants to be responsible for killing jobs. However, smart businesses will “re-purpose” jobs to minimize job loss.

Los Angeles Plastic Bag Ban
Los Angeles, Aug. 23, 2012 - For years, the city of Los Angeles, California, has mulled the idea of banning plastic bags at retail checkouts. On May 23rd of 2012, the L.A. City Council decided to phase out plastic bags. The decision was passed by a vote of 13-1 with the single no vote cast by Councilman Bernard Parks.

The mayor of Los Angeles heralded the Council's actions as a 'landmark decision'. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been a long-time advocate for banning single-use plastic bags and made the following statement.

"Today, City Council approved a motion that will move us one step closer to making Los Angeles a greener, cleaner, more sustainable city. The little things matter—removing plastic bags that clutter our streets and damage our waterways will go a long way towards protecting Angelenos and Los Angeles wildlife for generations.

Los Angeles is leading the state and the nation in making smart choices for our future. With this new measure, 1 in 4 Californians will be living plastic bag-free. We hope our actions will encourage other big cities, counties, and states to take action."

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the U.S. and the third largest economic center in the world after Tokyo and New York City.(1) The city consumes 2.3 billion plastic bags per year.(2) Taking that many plastic bags out of circulation just in one municipality would definitely indicate massive job losses to the plastic bag industry.

Plastic bag manufacturers have tried to make that point in numerous press releases. However, no substantiated data has been produced from the manufacturers or the industry in general.

So Plastic Bag Ban Report and The Pindeci Reports decided to examine this issue in-depth. We wanted to determine just how many jobs will be lost when the City of Los Angeles implements a plastic bag ban ordinance.

This in-depth Special Report exposes the facts about the number of jobs that will be lost. Here are the facts. Read The True Job Loss Threat from L.A. City's Plastic Bag Ban.

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