Keeping An Eye On Plastic Bags

Keeping An Eye On Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag Ban Report (PBBR) was started on January 6th, 2010. The mission was to report on plastic bag bans across the globe. We saw the regulation of plastic bags as a growing legislative issue with many city leaders and other environmentalist.

As more news and scientific studies of how plastic affects marine life and other species have been reported, the trend continues to be a hot button with many state legislators, city councilmen, and town leaders.

Many argue that there is no need to ban plastic bags. We just need to recycle them. And . . . they are right! However, humans have proven, time and again, that they absolutely will not do that - even when laws require recycling. So therefore, banning the retailers from distributing single-use plastic bags at check-out has proven the best option currently.

There are alternatives to plastic bags. We explore many of them here. As science and technology improves and reformulates plastic, we will someday solve the problems caused when plastic bags get into the ocean. However, preventing plastic bags from getting into the ocean will always be a human factor! Only we prevent plastic debris!

PBBR does not publish rumors and unfounded facts. We only publish stories that have been verified and validated and we include reference sources where necessary. You can depend on accurate reports on Plastic Bag Ban Report.

We also publish the thoughts, ideas and stories of those who oppose plastic bag bans. We get very few of those here. Why? Maybe it's because the facts are so strong against plastic bags and they really do not have a better solution.

Thank you for visiting Plastic Bag Ban Report! Explore the site, use the search function if needed, see how others use PBBR, then tell your enviro-friends about this great resource. Also, please visit our advertisers.

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