Kerribag Great Alternative to Plastic Bags

Kerribag Great Alternative to Plastic Bags

There are numerous reusable bags on the market today.  All of them serve the purpose well.

However, I have discovered an alternative that was designed with function in mind - designed for the job it does.

Kerribag is Functional

The Kerribag was designed for grocery shopping.  Instead of putting food into a bag that won't stand on its own, the Kerribag's rectangle shape allows you to 'pack' your groceries.

The Kerribag will hold six half-gallons of milk. No more crushed eggs; no more fresh produce falling out all over your car; no more cans rolling around while you drive.  The Kerribag allows you to bring home your groceries safely.

Kerribag - Smart Design with Style

11 Plastic Bags become . . . .

The Kerribag is rectangular in shape which means it stands on its own while packing groceries.  Currently, there are two designs with more coming.  The Kerribag:

  • Keeps its shape to make grocery shopping easier
  • Is a grocery shopping companion
  • Made in Cheerful Colors
  • Foldable:  folds flat for no clutter at home
. . . . 3 Kerribags
  • Cleanable with detergent to kill bacteria
  • Ergonomic Handle Design

The 'Cool' Kerribag

What a great idea!  The 'Cool' Kerribag is actually a cooler.  It has insulated walls to keep your perishables and frozen food cold longer.  The 'Cool' has a lid with a double-pull zipper for further insulation.  Now you can run more errands after grocery shopping and worry less about your food.

About Kerribag
The Kerribag is designed and marketed by Deniz Oktar-Giray. Having moved here from Europe, Ms. Oktar-Giray says, "The states are 10-15 years behind countries like for example Germany. There, the supermarkets have taken the lead in eliminating plastic bags by selling them for a small fee. This encourages more and more consumers to bring their own bags"

She also said, "I am surprised to see how much waste there is. Not only from plastic bags, but also in packaging. The grocery industry must take the lead; if they ask manufacturers to be more environmentally friendly, they will."

"Everyone has to buy groceries" Ms Oktar-Giray said. "Therefore, it is important to invest in quality, durable reusable bags. Otherwise, you just have a long-life plastic bag".

The Kerribag is sold exclusively through Read Ms. Oktar-Giray's story about why the Kerribag came into existence and learn much more by visiting her website at

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