Laguna Beach, California Bans Plastic Bags

Laguna Beach, California Bans Plastic Bags

March 7, 2012 - In February, the City of Laguna Beach, California passed the Disposable Bag Reduction ordinance. Single-use plastic carry-out bags were banned completely and a ten cent charge was placed on each recycled paper carry-out bag issued to a customer.

The ordinance affects all retailers and will go into full force on January 1st, 2013. The law includes restaurants, which has been a hot button for the Save The Plastic Bag Coalition.

According to Stephen L. Joseph, council for Save The Plastic Bag Coalition, it is unlawful to place a fee on bags provided by restaurants. Joseph says that the California Retail Food Code prohibits any such ban. With permission from Mr. Joseph, here is a link to the Coalition's Legal Memorandum. Read and decide for yourself.

Laguna Beach is located in the southern part of Orange County, along the southern coast of California. For more information, visit the website of City of Laguna Beach.

Cover Photo: The Complete and Entire city of Laguna Beach. Photo: D. Ramey Logan, from Wikipedia

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