Las Pinas, Philippines Bans Plastic Bags

Las Pinas, Philippines Bans Plastic Bags
Courtesy: Eugene Alvin Villar.

Plastic-Free City
Las Piñas, one of the largest cities in the Philippines with a population of just over 500,000(1), will prohibit the use and distribution of plastic bags. The 'Plastic Bag Regulation Ordinance' was passed on September 15, 2011. The ordinance also bans the usage of polystyrene foam.

Section 3 of the ordinance prohibits commercial establishments from using/utilizing thin film, single use, or carry out plastic bags at the point of sale for the purpose of carrying goods.

Section 4 states the probation of commercial establishments from the use of polystyrene foam (styrofoam/ styropor) and other similar materials such as containers for food and other products.

Las Piñas Mayor
In a release, Las Piñas Mayor Vergel Aguilar said the passage of the ordinance is the local government’s unwavering efforts in maintaining the ecological balance within their territorial jurisdiction.

"The banning of the use and distribution of plastics bags and polystyrene foam (styrofoam/styropor) will greatly contribute to the reduction of solid wastes generated by local communities that end up in canals, waterways, rivers, creeks, and streams and eventually in the bay," Aguilar said.

“Indiscriminate dumping of plastic bags and packaging materials into the environment and its eventual burning in open dumps constitute a serious threat to public health and the integrity of the ecosystem,” added Aguilar.

A massive information education and communication campaigns are now in place to warn and prepare the people of its implementation. Likewise, the city government is also promoting the use of alternative biodegradable packaging materials.

About Las Piñas
Las Piñas is part of Metro Manila and borders Manila Bay. It is a city known for its protection of the environment and has received awards for its environmental accomplishments.

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