Manly, NSW, Australia Markets Reusable Bags

Manly, NSW, Australia Markets Reusable Bags

Situated on a peninsula, Manly is a suburb of Sydney and is a popular tourist destination. Manly's beaches are very well known and hosts between six and eight million tourist annually.

The Manly Council is the local governing authority. The Council recently won a national award for its waste avoidance program and was also the NSW State winner of the LGSA "Excellence in the Environment" award (waste avoidance category) for their water bubbler program.

In June, 2008, the Council adopted "Enjoy Manly". "Enjoy Manly" is a code of respect for the environment and promotes environmental sustainability.

On December 13, the 9-member Manly Council voted 8-1 to market a reusable bag and refillable water bottle. The reusable bag, made from bamboo, will be imprinted with the "Enjoy Manly" code. Also in the works is a reusable take-away coffee cup.

The Manly Council feels that this will help to promote sustainability and environmental education. The reusable bags will also keep people from having to use a plastic bag and reduce waste considerably.

Read more about Manly at Manly Council website.

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Photo: Manly Corso Amphitheatre. Credit: Wikipedia

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