Maui Bans Plastic Bags

Maui Bans Plastic Bags

Wailuku, County seat of Maui County. Courtesy Wikipedia
Maui County was the first to ban plastic bags in Hawaii. The county passed the ordinance back in August of 2008. The law won't take effect until January 11, 2011. This will give plenty of time for local businesses to use their supply of single use plastic bags. It will also allow time for the businesses to acquire a stock of 100% recyclable paper bags and reusable bags.


The ordinance states that the production and use of plastic bags have significant impacts on the environment, therefore, the council finds and declares that the use of plastic bags must be regulated to preserve the health, safety, welfare, and scenic and natural beauty of the County of Maui. The purpose is to encourage the use of environmentally preferable alternatives to plastic bags, such as recyclable paper bags or reusable bags.

To that end, the director must submit to the council a report assessing the estimated increase in the number of business customers using recyclable paper bags or reusable bags. This report must be submitted by Sept. 1st each year.

How the law will be administered is still being determined. The director has until June 11, 2010 to adopt the administrative rules.

Read the ordinance: County of Maui

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