Message from Brownsville, Texas

The following message was sent to PBBR and I felt compelled to publish it. You can just 'hear' the enthusiasm in the message!

The city of Brownsville TX has passed a litter ordinance banning plastic shopping bags effective 1-1-2011. We have a voluntary ban now and are working very hard to get the message out. We have a tremendouse litter problem and feel that plastic shopping bags are the main reason for it. We have the full support of our local large BOX stores. We are so excited because we have 2 other very near by cities or communities that are also introducing their ban on plastic shopping bags. Yipee.

Rose Timmer

Publisher's Note: The first report of plastic bag bans on PBBR was 'Brownsville Bans Plastic Bags'. We then published the actual law: Brownsville Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance. Thanks Ms.Timmer for your support!

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  1. R   2011/04/01 at 6:42 am

    This was decided by Brownsville law makers and forced down the throats of Brownsville citizens! Just because people from mexico trashes Brownsville does not give you the right to punish Americans! We should have the freedom to vote on this instead of you forcing it on us as if we live in a unjust foreign country!!!

    A recent study clearly shows that San Francisco’s ban on plastic bags in 2007 resulted in a switch to paper bags, which require 70 percent more energy to produce, generate 50 percent more greenhouse gas emissions and produce 80 percent more waste than plastic bags. A year later, San Francisco’s own litter audit determined that the ban did not reduce litter, one of the stated purposes of the city’s ban.

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