Northern Territory of Australia To Be Plastic Bag Free

Northern Territory of Australia To Be Plastic Bag Free

Karl Hampton
The Minister for Natural Resources, Environment and Heritage, Karl Hampton, announced on August 10th that the Territory will be plastic bag free by the second half of 2011. Mr. Hampton said from the middle of 2011, shops will be prohibited from selling or giving away non-biodegradable lightweight single-use plastic bags.

Mr Hampton said banning plastic bags was part of the NT Government’s Territory 2030 plan to reduce the amount of waste to landfill by 50 per cent by 2020. Legislation to ban plastic bags and to establish the Territory’s Container Deposit Scheme will be introduced in the November sittings of Parliament.

Once the legislation is passed, single-use lightweight plastic bags will be phased out over a four-month period supported by an awareness campaign for retailers and the community.

In May, 2009, South Australia banned single-use plastic bags but there is still no nation-wide ban by Australia.

For more information, visit Territory Plastic Bag Ban.

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