NT Australia Plastic Bag Ban Begins Sept. 1st

NT Australia Plastic Bag Ban Begins Sept. 1st

Darwin, 1993. Credit: TourismNT
Photo courtesy TourismNT and TravelInt.

On February 24th of this year, Northern Territory Australia passed a ban on plastic carrier bags.

The law goes into force on Sept. 1st and prohibits retailers from distributing lightweight, “checkout” style plastic bags, including degradable bags.

Northern Territory began a four-month plastic bag phase-out period on May 1st.  The phase-out period was time for citizens to become aware of the ban and prepare by purchasing reusable bags or any of the allowed bags.

It was also a time for retailers to adjust and prepare for the ban by depleting their supply of plastic bags and stocking up on the allowed bags.

Bags that will still be allowed are:

  • Reusable Green Bag
  • Biodegradeable Bag
  • Paper Bag
  • Heavy Plastic Bag
  • Barrier Bags for Meat & Produce

 The Plastic Bag Ban was modeled after South Australia's plastic bag ban which was implemented in 2009.


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