Oilsands Capital Bans Single-Use Bags

PBBR ImageRenowned as the Oilsands Capital in Canada, The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has banned the distribution of single-use shopping bags effective Sept. 1, 2010.  Known as "The Single-Use Shopping Bag Bylaw", the Council of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, in the Province of Alberta, passed and signed the Bylaw on Dec. 17, 2009.  The Bylaw was read at three previous Council meetings before being passed.

The Single-Use Shopping Bag Bylaw eliminates the distribution of both plastic and paper single-use shopping bags.  All businesses must comply by Sept. 1st or fines will be levied.  In passing the Bylaw, it is Council's intent to decrease the plastic and paper impact on the environment.  One exemption in the Bylaw is bags provided by pharmacists that contain prescription drugs.

“We are very pleased to show once again that the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is an innovated environment leader with the approval of this bylaw,” said Mayor Melissa Blake. “By implementing the single-use shopping bag ban, we will show future generations to come that Wood Buffalo is an excellent place to live, work and play."

An extensive public awareness campaign will be conducted over the coming months.  The campaign is designed to inform and educate both businesses and consumers about the impending law.  During the campaign, the public will be encouraged to use reusable bags and containers to transport their goods.

To view the Single-Use Shopping Bag Bylaw, including definitions and parameters, please visit Single-Use Shopping Bag Bylaw.

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