Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban Bill Causes Heavy Debate

Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban Bill Causes Heavy Debate

Both For and Against, Oregon's plastic bag ban bill has stimulated high controversy. The bill, SB 536 is being considered by the state legislature in this session.

SB 536 has brought to the battle:

  • Republicans
  • Democrats
  • the plastic bag industry
  • grocery organizations
  • indirectly related groups
  • and of course, environmentalists
  • Starting with newspapers around the state, the battle has raged; some opposed, some for the bill, but most printing both sides of the argument. Some of the headlines:

    Democrat Herald: Oregon House Republicans May Kill Ban On Plastic Bags
    Statesman Journal: Tell us again, why should Oregon ban (some) plastic bags
    Portland Tribune: Facts don't support bag ban
    Oregonian: Stop Crying Over A Plastic Bag Ban

    Environmentalists are rallying high for Oregon to be the first state in the US to ban plastic bags. Why? When an entire state finally bans plastic bags, undoubtedly others will follow.

    EnvironmentOregon.org has a petition to sign and send to legislators to ban the bag.
    Oregon Surfrider Foundation has statewide campaigns. The Portland chapter created a website: Oregon Ban The Bag.
    Tualatin Riverkeepers have a petition site on Facebook.
    Bag It Oregon offers this video: Bag It Oregon

    The plastic bag industry has made a huge presence in the state since SB 536 was introduced. Here is an articled which appeared in The Oregonian: Bag Ban Like Bottle Bill. Here is another article about claims and counterclaims between Sen Mark Hass, who introduced SB 536 and Hilex Poly, the largest plastic bag maker in America: Sen. Hass says manufacturer offers recycling center to kill bill.

    Hilex Poly, who by the way, is a great corporate citizen and is very environmentally conscious, is simply fighting for their product to not be killed. For the fight, they created a website specifically targeted at the Oregon plastic bag ban. Visit: Bag the Ban, Oregon.

    Another group that has come out against banning plastic bags in Oregon is the National Taxpayers Union. In an article titled "Don't Eliminate Shoppers' Choices - Oppose The Plastic Bag Ban", NTU says that all Oregonians would be punished for simply shopping. The NTU should read: "Plastic Bag Ban Guarantees Individual Rights".

    Several cities across Oregon have passed resolutions in support of passing SB 536 to ban plastic bags across the state. Most agree that it would be better to have a state legislated ban for uniformity throughout the state rather than individual bans passed by several cities.

    On January 18th, the City of Beaverton passed a resolution supporting the Oregon Legislative Assembly passing legislation which bans single-use plastic and recycled content paper checkout bags. The cities of Portland and Lake Oswego passed similar resolutions along with Cannon Beach, Tillamook, and others.

    The Northwest Grocers Association backs the Oregon ban on plastic bags. Reportedly, they worked with the sponsors of SB 536 to ensure the language of the bill would be suitable to their members. On their website, under 2011 Legislative Issues, plastic bag bans are at the top.

    So the heavy debate continues - until the State Legislature decides Yes or No to a statewide ban on plastic bags in Oregon. Will Oregon be the first state in the US to ban plastic bags? . . . Stay Tuned.

    4 Responses to "Oregon’s Plastic Bag Ban Bill Causes Heavy Debate"

    1. jen   2012/11/30 at 3:09 pm

      This country is all about control. They want to control everything. Taking away plastic bags here would cause hardship to people. I wont have it. I’ll go online and order my own and take them 2 the store with me. Plus I will not shop in any city here in oregon that does do the ban. Not all cities are doing it. If the whole state turns out 2 do it eventually then I’ll drive 2 washington stste 2 do my shopping. In the mean time should people rebel and throw their trash out the window while driving? Sounds like a plan. It’s time 2 stop controlling people so severely! We will rebel. And I promise you we wont be going green. Obviously going green isnt a concern to the people that claim it is. If it were honeslty to save the environment, it wouldnt be so expensive. Going green is just about getting more green in pocket books.

    2. Glen Hendrix   2012/06/03 at 6:24 pm

      Reusing plastic grocery/retailer bags makes the most financial sense. A new device on the market turns them into a wastebasket, storage bin, clothes hamper, etc. GcIcnh4Z5zHQ

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    4. Carol Petrone   2011/05/07 at 6:37 pm

      Please consider the idea of turning plastic back into crude oil. Being done in Tigard, Oregon. Company called Agilyx. Also on a uTube site showing inventor
      Akinori Ito, of Japan.


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