Pasay City, Philippines Implements Plastic Bag Ban

Pasay City, Philippines Implements Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic Bags Banned Last Year
Manila, Philippines, Aug. 27, 2012, Plastic Bag Ban Report - The Philippine News Agency reported Monday that Pasay City, a Metro Manila municipality, will implement its ban on plastic bags starting in September.

The city government passed City Ordinance No. 4647, s. 2011 last September and will start enforcing the law after the lapse of the one-year grace period provided by the law.

Merchants Must Provide Recyclable Paper or Reusable Bags
Pasay City Mayor Antonino “Tony” G. Calixto said the city will implement the use of biodegradable/paper bags or reusable shopping bags as he expressed support on the call to ban plastics not only in Metro Manila but in the entire country.

“I would like to remind all owners and operators of various stores and establishments that starting September, the City Government will implement Ordinance No. 4647 Series of 2011 otherwise known as the Ordinance Regulating the Use of Non-Compostable Plastic Carryout Bags and Promoting the Use of Recyclable Paper Carryout Bags and Reusable Bags,” Calixto said reiterating that the use of plastic bags are a serious threat to the environment.

“Before, though this ordinance has not been enacted, I have seen many of our fellow local government units who ban the use of plastic bags. And now that Ordinance No. 4647 will be implemented by September, I am optimistic that 100% of the city population will abide by the rules and regulations stated in it,” Calixto said.

Under the ordinance “all stores in the city shall provide or make available to a customer only recyclable paper carry-out bags, reusable bags, and compostable plastic bags for carrying out goods or other materials from the point of sale. Nothing herein prohibits customers from using bags of any type that they bring to the store themselves or from carrying away goods that are not placed in a bag, in lieu of using bags provided by the store.”

Fee on Recyclable and Reusable Bags
Section 5 of the ordinance states: “any store that provides a recyclable paper carryout bag or reusable bag to customer must charge the customer reasonable amount for each recyclable paper carryout bag and reusable bag; Provided, that no rebate or reimbursement to a customer is allowed of any portion of the amount charged required hereof. Receipt of a customer must indicate the number of recyclable paper bags or reusable bags provided and the total amount charged for the bags.”

Philippine Bans
Earlier, the cities of Las Pinas, Makati and Quezon City are also banning the use of plastic packaging materials, following the lead of Muntinlupa City. More recently, on June 1st of this year, Albay Province, located in the Bicol region, prohibited commercial establishments across the province from the use of plastic bags, styrofoam and other synthetic materials as packaging for goods sold to the public.

Cover photo: View of Pasay City from the Libertad overpass. Credit: Ramon FVelasquez.  Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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